Add Sophisticated Questions to Your Training

ASP.NET and Windows Forms Versions

The Problem:

Most training includes questions, either as a review or to test comprehension. Yet question products typically require a special authoring tools that in-turn use Java™ applets and/or plug-ins to deliver the questions into the browser. Creating your own questions is another possibility, but the coding gets complicated quickly once you deal with randomized answers, multiple correct answers, fill-in-the-blank scoring, etc. In addition, developers would like to load questions from a database rather than manually enter them on each training page. Throw in the need to report answers, score, time spent, and other data to a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS), and you have difficult situation.

The Solution:

Enter the Question object. Drag either the Windows or Web version onto your form, bring up its intuitive Designer, and quickly set up the question. Or load any or all of it from a database. The Question automatically configures itself to be either multiple choice (with either single correct answers or a combination of answers that need to be correct), true/false, or fill-in-the-blank. And each of these question types can be configured as buttons, check boxes, hyperlinks, or more. As you resize the Question, all of its objects resize with it! Both answer and question-level feedback is supported, with unique feedback possible with each try. Not only can answers be randomized, but they have four distinct states: reset, selected, correct, and incorrect. The developer can set unique graphics, fonts, colors, and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) classes [web version only] for each state. Limit the time and/or tries if desired; the question locks itself once the limit is reached.

The Uses:

Not only is the Question easy to use and extremely powerful, but it is also very secure. Since scoring takes place on your web server, users can't "View Source" and decipher the correct answer. But if you want to help them out, just call the ShowAnswers method. The question will automatically change to its "correct" state. Group questions into exams if desired and then score them individually. Store a wealth of question and exam information and easily generate the associated JavaScript to send the results via SCORM 1,2 or 1.3 (2004) to your LMS. The Question runs without Java applets or plug-ins on newer versions of both Internet Explorer and Netscape. You must see it to believe it!


$495(Upgrade from version 1 for $165)

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User Comments

  • I have dabbled with a few LMSs besides Tracker.Net and it is clearly #1 for value and flexibility.
  • We like Tracker.Net LMS. And the support is great..!!
  • We’ve completed our study/evaluation of LMSs, starting with over 70, down to 25, and then a short-list of 5 vendors, to a final 2 vendors.
  • Tracker.Net is a terrific product.
  • We also use Tracker.Net. Works well for us and very cost-effective in comparison to others considered.
  • The simple-to-use interface means students can concentrate on the learning material rather than having to worry about how to navigate the LMS and how to launch the course.
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