Platte Canyon® VBTrain.Net™ Design Awards

These awards honor developers who have incorporated VBTrain.Net controls into a top-notch training applications, created great tests with Exam Engine, or have used VBTrain.Net controls in an innovative way. Participants will receive some well-deserved recognition and winners will even pocket some cash. First prize per category is $200 and second prize is $100.


Best VBTrain.Net Training Application

We are looking for the best ASP.NET or Windows Forms training application that incorporates VBTrain.Net controls or is created using Exam Engine. Criteria include effectiveness for the learner, user interface, and efficiency in creating content.

Most Innovative Use of VBTrain.Net

This is the "wow" award. Impress us with how you are taking advantage of .NET in general and VBTrain.Net in particular to blow away the competition.

How to Enter

Complete the official entry form at


Best VBTrain.Net Training Application1Robert Culver4D Solutions, Inc.Testing for a client that publishes OnRoads driver safety newsletter and distributes to clients around the US. Developed an Exam Engine test to cover newsletter information. If the student select an incorrect answer, they are provided a link that will open the newsletter as a PDF with content highlighted from which the question was drawn.OnRoads Exam
Best VBTrain.Net Training Application2Kim HalatAvsoft, Inc.Uses ASP.NET and the VBTrain Graphical Button, Web Player, and LmsApi controls to read the contents of a Microsoft Access database containing the description of an aircraft systems computer based training module and construct the module on the fly.Aircraft Initial Qualification
Most Innovative Use of VBTrain.Net1Mauro RechBuckman LaboratoriesBuckman legal and compliance courses. This series of courses - Antitrust, Anti-harassment, among others - uses a NET structure with VBTrain objects to present varied content, including DHTML, Flash, and video. Almost all content is externalized and the quiz information comes from a database.
Most Innovative Use of VBTrain.Net2Steve Stacy, Marvin McFarland, and Shannon TaylorU.S. Army Maneuver Support CenterDynamic loading of content and user interface from an Access database using the VBTrain Question, Web Player, Graphical Button, and LmsApi controls. Allows rapid prototyping as well as running via an LMS.Engineer School Sample