Students Screen


Use the Administrator Students screen to add, edit, or delete students in the training system. Only student details listed as Tracker Required, Required, or Requested in the Administrator Validation and Login Settings screen are displayed.

Administrators with "All Levels (Advanced)" access may assign that level to students. Administrators with "All Levels (Basic)" access can only assign Basic, Supervisory, or no access levels to students. Administrators with "Supervisory Only" level can only assign Supervisory or no access levels to students. Note: assigning different access levels for Administrator and Reporter access can adversely affect Tracker.Net performance as the database must be re-queried when that user moves between the Administrator and Reporter.


To add a student, select the Add Student button from beneath the main grid. If the Administrator has "Supervisor Only" access, then the new student is automatically assigned to the supervisor.

To edit a student, click the edit button () in the row for that student. See Editing Administrator Grid Rows for additional details. You cannot view a student's password directly but rather can enter a new password (and verify it).

To delete a student, click the delete button () in the row for that student. You will be asked to confirm before the deletion occurs.  

To add or remove class, course, supervisory assignments for a student, or courses visible to the supervisor, select a row in the grid. This displays an "Items associated with:" grid below the main grid. Use the buttons under the "Items associated with:" grid to access the Assign Classes to Student screen or the Assign Courses to Student screen. The courses that have been assigned via a class, organization directly, class assigned to the organization, division directly, or class assigned to the division are listed for reference but are not directly editable.

If the selected student has either "All Levels" or "Supervisor Only" Administrator access, then there is also a button to access the Set Courses Visible to Supervisor screen, the Assign Students to Supervisor screen, the Assign Organizations to Supervisor screen, and the Assign Divisions to Supervisor screen.

If there are multiple pages of items, click the numbers underneath the names to jump between pages.

The Lesson Anniversary Expiration Date may be used for the expiration of lessons. This is explained in more detail on the Lessons screen. If you would like this date included on some student reports, check the Include Lesson Expiration Anniversary Date in Student Reports box on the Global Settings screen.

Students have an active Employment Status by default. But you can change them to Retired or "Other Inactive" to keep their training records in the system but remove them from most reports and prevent them from logging into the system.

If you want the student's access to be ended on a particular date (such as when she only pays for 30 days worth of access), you can enter a Date Student Access is Ended. After that date, the student will remain in the system but will not be able to log in.

After making any changes in the main grid or in any of the detail sub-grids, you must either Save Data or Cancel Changes before you can go to another Administrator screen.

Sorting, Searching, and Paging

You can click on a column heading to sort by that column. Searching for content depends on the how searching/filtering is configured. See Searching Administrator Grids for more details.  

If the grid has multiple "pages" of data, use the paging controls shown below to just to the first, previous, next, or last page of data.


The number of items per page is controlled by the Default Grid Size on the "Default Settings" tab of the Global Settings screen.

How to Access

To access the Administrator Students screen, click the Students button on the Administrator toolbar:


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